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Practice water walking at the Farret campsite in Vias Plage

What is longe-côte?

Camping Farret is fortunate to have direct access to the beach of Vias, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. So why not make the most of your family vacation at the campsite to relax and combine the useful with the pleasant? It is well known that daily walking is good for your health. It is recommended to walk for 30 minutes a day. Sportive walking, also known as fast walking, is a sport that is practiced at a faster pace than daily walking. It works the cardiovascular system and almost all the muscles of the body. One of the advantages of sportive walking is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. Here on the coast, there's no need to hesitate, you should walk in the water. In addition to the benefits of walking, you add the virtues of seawater.

How to practice sea walking during a vacation in Vias Plage?

Longe-côte at your campsite with Animations

Sea walking, also known as longe-côte, involves walking in an aquatic environment with a minimum immersion above the waist, between the navel and the armpits. Below the waist, brisk walking would strain your hips. You need to take long strides and use your arms as a pendulum to maintain balance and work the whole body. You can practice it at any time of the day. It's an individual sport that can be done in a group. At Club Farret, we offer you a wide range of animation, so it was obvious to offer you this activity supervised by one of our animators. At any time of the day and outside of the animations offered by the Club, take advantage of our direct access to the beach to try out this trendy new sport.

Sea walking: the right equipment

You don't need any equipment, just a swimsuit is enough. But if you get cold quickly and depending on the water temperature, you'll appreciate a wetsuit or shorty. On the beach of Camping Farret, there is no risk of walking on a stone, it's fine sand. But if you wish, you can wear waterproof shoes. And if you want to push the exercise and work your arms, you can wear fin gloves.

What are the benefits of sea walking?

A free thalassotherapy: the benefits of the marine environment

The benefits of thalassotherapy are well established. By practicing longe-côte, you will work all the lower muscles, from the legs to the buttocks. This will tone your body, reshape your silhouette, and reduce cellulite. Thanks to the pressure of the water, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are stimulated. Ideal for those suffering from heavy legs. Here it's the seawater, rich in minerals, that acts on your body and the sun that acts on your well-being.

A painless and gentle water sport

This is one of the least traumatic sports for the body and joints because there is no impact on the ground. Just like sea walking in the sea, aquagym is equally beneficial for your body, minus the seawater. The whole family can participate in aquagym classes every morning in one of the 3 pools at the Yelloh! Village Club Farret. Gentle exercise while having fun!

A sport to practice all year round

The water is cold? No problem... Whether it's hot or cold, put on a good wetsuit and go for your longe-côte session! Practicing a sport in cold water is an excellent way to burn calories because your body is more engaged at low temperatures. In addition, cold water strengthens your immune defenses. So, no more excuses, this practice can be done all year round. In spring and summer, during a vacation in Vias Plage or on any beach in the Hérault, stay in a 5-star beachfront campsite.

Where to stay in winter to practice longe-côte in Vias Plage?

Want to relax in winter? If you have a camper, you can park at our Beach Farret camper area in Vias. This is an opportunity to try longe-côte, the new trendy sport that can be practiced all year round on all beaches of the Mediterranean and even the Atlantic.

In Vias, our beaches have once again received the Blue Flag label for the quality of their bathing waters. All the conditions are therefore met to practice longe-côte at Club Farret.

Are you motivated? Then all that's left is to discover the pleasures and benefits of this trendy sport!

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