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Padel tennis: the new intense and friendly fun sport

Padel tennis is the "Fun" variant of tennis. It's the new trendy sport that comes straight from Latin America. Derived from traditional tennis, this sport is popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It's even the second national sport after soccer in Spain. Its biggest difference from tennis is that the balls can be played after bouncing off the glass walls, similar to squash.

A Brief History

Padel tennis was invented in 1969 by the Mexican Enrique Corcuera. Originally, the businessman created Padel to limit effort: a shorter court and glass walls to avoid the need to move to retrieve balls.

Padel Tennis at Farret

Today, Padel Tennis is gaining more and more enthusiasts, with over 8 million players worldwide.

Because holidays also mean sports, and to the delight of sports enthusiasts, at Camping Club Farret, we've chosen to replace our tennis court with a Padel court. In the multisport area near the soccer field and the new fitness and gym, you can now try your hand at Padel and perhaps discover a new passion.

The Court

It's a mix between a tennis court and a squash court. It's smaller than a tennis court (20 meters long and 10 meters wide). It's an enclosed and glass court.


Padel tennis is always played in doubles (2 against 2). The serve is done diagonally and underhand (on the Chang), and two service balls are allowed.

Similar to tennis, a bounce is allowed, but the most significant difference is that a ball can be played after hitting the glass wall (like in squash), and the ball can also be caught outside the court. Scoring is the same as in tennis: 15, 30, 40, advantage, a set of 6 games, and two winning sets.

The Equipment

Padel balls are slightly heavier and larger than tennis balls, which makes them slower. The rackets are smaller, without strings, and have holes. We provide the necessary equipment at the information desk near the reception. Don't forget to book the Padel court.

Our Tips

If you're new to Padel, we recommend warming up thoroughly and starting with 1-on-1 games. Feel free to practice hitting the ball after it bounces against the wall to get used to this specific trajectory.

Once you feel comfortable, you can move on to doubles play. Padel is an intense and enjoyable sport, accessible at all levels, even for novice athletes (before resuming physical activity, remember to consult your family doctor).

Remember, the best way to improve is to have fun!

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