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Farret spirit

Camping Club Farret: a family story

Since 1956, Le Farret in Vias Plage has been the vacation spot for many regular families.

Among these loyal customers, Françoise and Christian Martinez, affectionately nicknamed Tonton and Tata by the campsite staff.

Let's go back in time: The Martinez family tells us their story at Club Farret.

Christian Martinez was 3 years old when he first came to "Farinette Plage" campsite. It was in 1960.

Since then, he has come every summer. His parents, Georgette and Louis Martinez from Pézenas, would unpack their bags for 2 months in a small fisherman's cabin. With them, he contributed to the development of the campsite. In the very beginning, there was no swimming pool, and every Saturday night was a dance party.

1974: Françoise, the daughter, Charlette, the mother, and Jeannot, the father, settle at the campsite for the first time.

1976: When Christian meets Françoise at Farret. She was 16 years old, and it started as a holiday romance until they got married in 1980.

The same campsite for over 40 years

Since 1977, they have had the same location number 350.

They marked their territory by planting a tree that grew with them over the years. They even hung the “passage Louis Martinez” sign there. It’s like a love story between a privileged place and families. They have created a real family at heart at the campsite, with the owners of Club Farret for 4 generations but also with other vacationers of all nationalities.

Camping brings people together; the children get together to play, the parents get to know each other, invite each other over and have a drink. Hellos ring out all day long. The location is conducive to meetings because it is ideally located close to the toilets and on the way to the beach. For nothing in the world, they plan to spend their summer elsewhere.

Uncle and Tata: a special relationship with Team Farret

Françoise and Christian maintain a special bond with each member of the staff. They are our “auntie and uncle” to all. They remember Tito (Christophe, our technical manager) at 4 years old on vacation at the campsite with his family, who came to watch TV in their caravan.

In a friendly atmosphere, Tata and Tonton are always ready to share their table. They are happy to be surrounded by people for an aperitif. This is the very value of camping. Sometimes they accommodate up to 40 people. “It’s the 3rd bar on the campsite” according to Philippe Giner, the owner. A café, a Ricard? at any time, they offer you a drink. It’s the house of happiness!

Sharing, conviviality and human discovery: much more than vacationers, we all fell in love with this couple.

A friendly and simple camping holiday

The basis of their vacation is pétanque for him and the beach for her. And they don't miss any entertainment in the evening. Since Dany Giner challenged her to participate in a show, Françoise has become the official “lame girl”. You have certainly already heard him sing while miming:

“When the lame girl goes to the market, She never goes there without her basket……Ah! we will no longer see, will no longer see A lame girl with such a beautiful ass…To the tune of the tralalala lala…”

In 2022, Christian is 65 years old and Françoise is a young retiree of 61 years old. The talkative Jeannot, 86 years old, and the always discreet Charlette, 85 years old, are in great shape and confirm the adage “1 year in Farinette, 10 years of perfect health”

Françoise and Christian sum up our interview with these words: “The Giner family: it’s our family at heart. In the good times as well as the most painful, they are always there.”

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