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Long the Hérault in the Occitanie region

The Hérault River walking or by bike from the campsite

When you spend your holidays at Camping Farret, you will notice that it is surrounded by water: of course the sea in front and the Canal du Midi at the back but there is also the Libron on one side and the Hérault on the other. All eyes are on the Canal du Midi but the Hérault also has its charm. Here we give you an idea of a walk from the campsite, on foot or by bike to discover the banks of this river, at the end of its journey, where it flows into the sea.

Some practical information

The Hérault department in the Occitanie region reveals its wealth along the river that gave it its name. This 160 km long coastal river flows through the department from North to South. It originates at Mont Aigoual in the Cévennes and flows into the Mediterranean Sea, at the mouth of Grau d'Agde and La Tamarissière, near the Farret campsite.

The mouth of the Hérault between La Tamarissière and Grau d'Agde

From the campsite, you can reach the Hérault along the beach. This walk will make you discover the wild part of Vias with its many streams and the Etang du Clôt de Vias. It is the preserved natural space that we call "les verdisses" that extends between Vias and Agde over nearly 600 hectares. On the beach side, you will walk along the wooded dunes of La Tamarissière before reaching the lighthouse pier of this small district of the Cité d'Agde from where you will enjoy a view of the Grau d'Agde. This is where the Hérault River flows into the sea.
At the end of the day, you will witness the trawlers' return from fishing and the gull's ball in the silvery reflections of the river.

Do you know the difference between a gull and a seagull?

We tend to talk about seagulls, but most of the time they are gulls. The two species are related but they are recognizable if you look more closely.
The taller one in between with his white head is actually the gull.
Another clue is the beak: the gull has a large, slightly hooked yellow beak with a small red spot underneath and the gull has a small red beak.
When they are in flight, it is more difficult to recognize them but it is enough to listen. The seagull's cry is sharp, similar to a sneer, hence its name as a black-headed seagull. If you hear severe and shrill couacs, it is certainly the gull.
Finally we all had to deal with the seagull approaching to claim a share of a picnic. The seagull is too shy and fearful to be a thief.
Now you will observe our famous seabirds with a little more attention:)

The banks of the Hérault from Grau d'Agde to the Cité d'Agde

On the left bank, Grau d'Agde, a former small picturesque fishing port, is bordered by numerous restaurants on stilts. In summer, the ferry boat takes you over the river to visit this typical district. You can enjoy local fish and shellfish dishes with the added bonus of a beautiful sunset over the river. Very touristic in summer, Grau d'Agde offers a pleasant walk by the sea in winter where many locals go there on weekends.
On the quay, you can take a boat ride on the river and go up to Agde along the river.
For the more sporty, a cycle path leads up to the Cité d'Agde along the river where fishing boats pass by. The shipyard and auction will also be on your way.

The city of Agde is nicknamed the "black pearl" of the Mediterranean because of its monuments built of the volcanic black stone of Mont Saint-Loup (basalt), including the Saint-Etienne Cathedral. It is at the foot of the cathedral that the Languedoc jousts of Agde are held. More than a sport, water sports are tradition and local folklore. It is above all a family story, a passion that is passed on from generation to generation. Whether they are rowers, jousters or musicians, they are proud in their festive outfits. You can't spend your holidays at Club Farret and miss this colourful show. Agde, Vias, Sète... jousting tournaments take place all summer long.
As part of the summer activities on the Hérault, Agde sets up a floating stage that hosts a free concert every Tuesday evening in July and August, offered to everyone by the city. Many artists have already performed on this stage and 2019 will see Michel Jonasz, Les Négresses vertes, Bénabar, Joyce Jonathan...

The canyon of the Hérault Gorges in the hinterland

If you wish to discover the Hérault in a different way, you can go up to the north of the department, 1 hour by car from Vias. Along the river you will discover many landscapes and tourist sites including the Gorges de l'Hérault where the river has dug the rock. Stop at the Pont du Diable and canoe through the narrow and winding canyon and visit Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, one of the most charming villages in France.
Club Farret is a good starting point to go on an excursion and visit the Hérault in the Occitanie region!


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